Simone Biles’ Amazing Floor Routine Gets Remade as a Flip Book (Video)

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Simone Biles turned in one of the greatest, if not THE greatest performances that the gymnastics world has ever seen. And while it will likely be revisited via highlights and clips for decades to come, Instagrammer The Flippist did his thing and turned the end of her floor routine into an amazing flip book.

I don’t know how long it takes to make a flip book of this quality, but this seems like a fast turnaround time.

Here’s the clip:

I gots me a full blown case of Olympic Fever this past week!!! I’ve never been a huge sports guy, but I’m a big softy and just love the whole world coming together (for freakin’ once) and giving their all! The U.S. Women’s Gymnastic team has been killin’ it! Way to go @simonebiles and friends! Sorry I couldn’t resist the ‘flip’ pun on the cover page.

A video posted by The Flippist Custom Cartoons (@theflippistflipbooks) on

It’s pretty hard not to like, right? And the upbeat music helps sell the thing.

To see more of his work, check out his account right here.

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