Snoop Dogg’s Plan to Fix NFL: Fewer Guns, More Weed (Video)

snoop dogg's plan to fix nfl

Gun ownership among players is a major headache for the NFL. It’s not that the league is against the Second Amendment in principle. It’s just that a lot of NFL players are idiots who tend to shoot themselves, while some grow mentally unstable from years of bashing their heads in and wind up shooting other people. And that’s not good for the brand.

For that reason, this year the NFL is adding “responsible gun ownership” to its social responsibility training, a turn of events that was discussed at length on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday.

Take a look:

Not everybody thinks the issue is all that complicated, however. Snoop Dogg saw the discussion on First Take and responded with a pretty simple plan to fix the NFL.

Obviously it involves marijuana. Check it out:

NFL. Holla at me

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Fewer guns, more weed. That’s a pretty good policy.

In fact, that wouldn’t just solve a lot of the NFL’s problems. It would solve a lot of America’s problems.

If the United States Marijuana Party doesn’t have a candidate running for president this year, I hereby nominate Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr.

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