Ugandan Runner Smashes Face-First into a Steeplechase Hurdle (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.30.39 AM

Most track and field events are very orderly. Everyone stays in their lanes, and there’s little in the way of unforeseen obstacles.

And then there’s steeplechase. The event sends a pack of runners through water pits and over large, immobile hurdles. Normally, it’s as safe as the rest of the events, but the possibility for serious injury certainly exists.

Just ask this dude who smashed into the hurdle face-first amidst a pack of runners:

The unfortunate runner is Joseph Araptany of Uganda. He was ok, but had to remove himself from the race after the incident. Bummer for someone who’s been training for years, but…at least he’s not badly hurt.

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