Some Scissors and Dirty Cleats Sidelined Tom Brady for Last Night’s Preseason Game


I doubt he needs the practice, but I’m sure the Pats would have liked star QB Tom Brady to at least take a few preseason snaps before riding the pine for four games thanks to a Goodell-administered suspension.

Now, it’s looking like they might not get a single preseason appearance from Brady.

Yesterday, prior to his Thursday night game against the Bears, which he was expected to start, Brady found something on the bottom of his cleats and used some scissors to remove it. Only, he ended up slicing his right thumb open and having to leave the stadium. It was unclear if he went to the hospital for further medical treatment or just went home.

Similarly, it’s uncertain how bad the cut is and if he’ll be able to make any of the upcoming preseason games, though it’s highly unlikely he’d miss a start in October after his four-game suspension ends.

Stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [PFT]


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