Brock Lesnar Went Crazy on Randy Orton, Splitting His Head Open, Requiring 10 Staples (Video)

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At last night’s Summer Slam, it seems like Brock Lesnar took a lot of his MMA experience with him into the WWE ring, laying a smack down on Randy Orton that resulted in a rare TKO after the ref stopped the fight.

The blow that sealed the deal was a Lesnar elbow to the head of Orton, which cut him open and resulted in ten staples after the fight.

Here’s footage of the nasty exchange:

I know there’s a lot of convincing acting going on in wrestling, but I really got the impression that Lesnar wasn’t really going to quit during that furious attack. Good thing the ref stopped it when he did. Randy Orton certainly wasn’t in a position to defend himself.

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