Buccaneers’ Second Round Kicker Already Looking Like Bust Relative to Draft Position (Videos)


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This year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did something that no other NFL team had done in over a decade. They used a second round draft pick on a kicker. In fact, they didn’t just use a second round pick on a kicker. They traded a third and a fourth round pick to the Chiefs for the no. 59 overall pick so they could get Florida State’s Roberto Aguayo.

Now, Aguayo was 198 for 198 on extra point attempts in college, and he was 69 for 78 in field goal attempts. Based on total kicks made he is the most accurate kicker in NCAA history. Based on just field goals he is no. 3, which is still really good.

Unfortunately, about 10 years ago NFL teams came to the realization that, statistically speaking the difference between all-time great kickers and mediocre kickers was almost negligible. Thus, even if you think a guy might be the greatest kicker of all time, it still didn’t make sense to waste a high draft pick on him.

So why did the Bucs use a second round kick on a kicker when all the stats showed it’s not worth it? Well, they thought they were getting ahead of the game. The NFL pushed the extra point attempt back 15 yards in 2015. As a result, the total extra points missed went from 6 in 2014 to 71 in 2015. That’s obviously a huge increase. So the Bucs thought they were being smart by going out and getting a guy who NEVER MISSES from 32 yards.

Of course, there were two problems with the Bucs’ plan.

First, even though the extra points missed went from 6 go 71, the total points missed works out to just 2.22 points per team for the entire season. That works out to just .14 points per team, per game. So even the best extra point kicker in the world still won’t help that much.

Second, it turns out that the Bucs’ kicker who supposedly never misses actually misses quite a lot.

In Week 1 of the preseason Aguayo missed his first ever NFL extra point attempt. Then in Week 2 he missed his second:

Aguayo will probably figure things out and have a very successful NFL career. But he’s not going to be an immediate impact player, and his early struggles are exactly why you don’t use high draft picks on kickers.

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