Edwin Encarnacion Sued By Woman For $11.5M; Accused of Knowingly Giving STDs

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Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Edwin Encarnacion is the subject of a $11.5 million lawsuit by a woman who claims the Blue Jays superstar knowingly gave her sexually transmitted diseases.

TMZ has the details:

“The woman behind the lawsuit claims she’s a 24-year-old family friend of the MLB star who first met him in 2013.

In her lawsuit, the woman claims she hooked up with one of Edwin’s teammates in 2015 — but was tested in December 2015 at a Planned Parenthood and was told she was clean.

The woman claims she later hooked up with Edwin during a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in February 2016 … and had unprotected sex on at least 2 occasions.

Problem is … the woman claims she was in pain in the days after the hookup and thought she had Zika — so she went to a doctor.

She later learned it was NOT Zika — but rather two STDs.

The woman claims she contacted Edwin — but he insisted he was clean and “suggested she may have picked up [the STDs] when they went 4-wheeling and she swam in the river.

The woman says Edwin later backed off his claims about being STD-free — and then stopped contacting her altogether. The woman claims she now believes he knew he was carrying STDs all along.”

Not a good look that she has had unprotected sex with two members of the Toronto Blue Jays in less than a year. The unnamed woman is suing Encarnacion for battery & misrepresentation of the facts and somehow $11.5M will make everything just fine, because Murica’.

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