Hilarious Madden 17 Glitch Has Ryan Fitzpatrick Suffer Injury While Taking a Knee (Pic)


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In case you didn’t know, Madden 17 hits stores on Tuesday, and based on some of the early reviews it just might be the best version of the iconic sports video game in over a decade. That being said, no version of Madden is immune to glitches. And Madden 17 apparently has quite a doozy.

On Friday, a Twitter user with an advance copy of the game tweeted a photo showing that Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow injured himself while taking a knee with 47 seconds left in a game.

Take a look:

While that certainly sounds like something a Jets player would do, in this case, as you can see, Fitzpatrick was actually playing for the Saints thanks to Madden 17‘s draft feature.

Of course, it might not be fair to call this a “glitch.” As we have seen time and time again, players can hurt themselves doing just about anything.

This may actually just be a case of Madden 17 being way too real.

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