Minor League Ballplayer Brandon Thomas Crushes Grand Slam Out of Park, Smashes His Own Windshield (Video + Pic)

minor league ballplayer brandon thomas smashed own windshielf with grand slam home run ball

Brandon Thomas is a minor league ballplayer who currently plays for the Gateway Grizzlies of the independent Frontier League just outside St. Louis. On Sunday, Thomas jacked a grand slam over the left field wall and completely out of the ballpark during a 17-6 beatdown of the visiting Joliet Jammers.

The feat was probably the highlight of Thomas’s season. Unfortunately, it just so happens that the Grizzlies’ player parking lot is located just beyond the left field wall, and Thomas’ home run ball wound up smashing his own windshield.

Here’s a video of the home run from inside the park:

And here’s a photo of the aftermath:

As you may have guessed, players in the Frontier League don’t make all that much money. Luckily Thomas, a former Yankees draft pick with 11 HRs and 42 RBIs this season, wasn’t too upset about the damage to his ride.

Either he has really good insurance, or the team offered to pay for the damage.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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