Guy Filming Kobe Bryant Eating Lunch with the Fam Gets Dreaded Black Mamba Death Stare (Video)

guy films kobe bryant eating with family gets black mamba death stare

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time and, consequently, a veritable living legend pretty much anywhere he goes. However, he’s also a regular dude who likes to eat lunch with his family without somebody sticking a camera in his face. And when somebody does stick a camera in his face, well, that’s what this post is about.

Kobe was having lunch with his wife and kids at a diner called Buby’s during his recent visit to New York. Unfortunately, while sitting there waiting for their food to arrive, he noticed the dude sitting at the table across from them had his phone out and was recording them.

What did Kobe do? Did he grab the phone and smash it on the floor? Did he curse the guy out and make a scene? Nope. He just gave the unauthorized videographer about 17 seconds of the Black Mamba death stare until he stopped recording and, presumably, peed his pants.

Take a look:

The lesson? Don’t mess with celebrities when they’re with their kids. Especially if that celebrity is Kobe Bryant. If looks could kill, the guy who filmed that video would be flayed and crucified upside down, Ramsay Bolton-style.

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