Tre Mason’s Mom Blames The NFL for Her Son’s Crazy Behavior (Video)

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The Los Angeles Rams are two weeks into the 2016 preseason and running back Tre Mason has yet to contact anybody on the team or show up to camp at all this year. According to head coach Jeff Fisher, he hasn’t spoken with Mason since the end of the 2015 season & cops have been to his house 5 times in the last 4 months because of his irrational behavior.

According to Mason’s mother, during a July 27th incident, she reportedly blamed the NFL for her son’s current condition.

“TMZ Sports has obtained police footage from a July 27th incident when cops cited the L.A. Rams running back for illegally riding his ATV around his neighborhood in Palm Beach, Florida.

When they got to his home, cops told his family they were concerned Mason was too busy “f***ing around” and “should be playing football.”

That’s when Tre’s mother dropped some real talk on the cops.

“No, he actually shouldn’t,” she said …”because this is the [side of] football that nobody knows about.”

“He’s 22 in a 10-year-old’s mindset right now … Tre’s not himself at all.”

Tre’s mother says the family could see an obvious change in Tre’s personality after the 2015 NFL season ended.”

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