Doug Baldwin Talks Trash About Seahawks Defense After Fight with Richard Sherman


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Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman have been teammates since the two played together at Stanford. But that doesn’t mean the Seattle Seahawks stars always get along. Because they definitely don’t. On Monday, Baldwin and Sherman got into a fight at practice. Then, after it was finished, Baldwin found a reporter and talked some more trash about Sherman and his All-Pro teammates.

The incident started with a touchdown. Baldwin burned both cornerback Sherman and All-Pro safety Earl Thomas on a fly-route right down the middle of the field, catching a pass from Russell Wilson and strolling into the endzone.

After the play, Sherman stormed into an offensive huddle and starting flailing at Baldwin and grabbing him by the helmet and shoulder pads. The two then continued barking at each other as coaches pulled them apart.

“Obviously, tempers flare,” Baldwin told Gregg Bell of the News Tribune. Then he threw some serious shade.

“Sherm’s really upset that we keep destroying him in practice. He’s upset that the receivers are getting the best out of him and the defensive backs this year. So he takes offense to that.”

Of course, this sort of thing is nothing new for Sherman.

Hilariously, defensive end Michael Bennett, who has gotten into three different fights with teammates this month alone, said Monday that there is a “code” among players about not crossing a line in practice.

Baldwin had something to say about that.

“I mean, yes, there is a ‘code.’ But Mike B. doesn’t always necessarily operate by that code, either. It hard to take him serious when he talks about other guys taking food off his kids’ plate – when he is driving around here with 10 different cars, you know?”

(The part about “taking food of his kids’ plate” is a reference to Bennett’s persistent complaints about being only the 27th highest-paid defensive end in the NFL.)

While Baldwin insists his fight with Richard Sherman wasn’t pre-arranged, he also admitted he tries to stir the pot when he thinks his team needs it.

“I’ll admit it: I’m kind of an agitator in that, at times. But it’s because we need it. We don’t like it just to be peas and carrots all the time in practice. We want to bring out that competitive nature. We want to see the dog in guys so we can bring out the best in their abilities.”

Should be a fun year in Seattle.

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