LLWS Coach Visits the Mound During a Game to Tell His Son He Loves Him (Video)

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As if life isn’t hard enough for the 11-year-olds who have to play on a national stage for the Little Leauge World Series, the pitcher for Oregon has his dad as a manager, which can always be a tricky thing. And it gets even hairier when you have the type of dad as a manager who makes a visit to the mound during a game to tell you that he loves you.

It’s a nice gesture, and reflects well on the dad, but this kid, Isaiah Jensen, probably just wanted to get out of this inning and think about soldiers or dinosaurs or something.

Here’s a video of the exchange, which seems a little TOO heartwarming to be true.  But we’re going to assume it is, because being cynical isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

Great. Now Isaiah’s gonna be known as the kid who has the loving father. He’ll never live that down.

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