This MONSTER Hit Between HS Football Teams Took Place During a Damn Scrimmage (Video)

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I know that high schools are full of rivalries. I also know that some kids playing early in the season, especially in scrimmages, are competing for starting jobs or even to make the squad. So I can see why they wouldn’t want to step their game down just because the game doesn’t count.

But that being said…yikes.

This hit took place between North Catholic and Apollo Ridge of Western PA. The former team laid down the hit, courtesy of That’s Tyler Elwood of North Catholic delivering the blow.

I’m sure that after the game, when the coaches talked, the phrase “Boys will be boys” was probably said a few dozen times, Tyler had to call a bunch of people “Sir” and “Coach,” then he reluctantly shook the concussed (probably) Apollo Ridge player’s hand, before everyone got back to their lives.

Such is high school football.

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