WWE Fines Brock Lesnar $500 for Vicious Attack on Randy Orton…Because It Wasn’t Real


Brock Lesnar lost his mind while wrestling Randy Orton at SummerSlam on Sunday night, unleashing a barage of elbows that left The Viper bleeding profusely from the head. As a result of this vicious attack, on Tuesday the WWE announced that Lesnar has been fined a whopping $500.

Of course, the whole object of professional wrestling is to blur the line between fiction and reality, and, as demonstrated by this incident, the WWE is exceedingly good at this.

If you take a look at the video, you’ll notice that Lesnar never actually makes contact with the right side of Orton’s head, which is where all the blood was coming from. Then, after the medics come out to tend to Orton, Lesnar jumps back on top of him and starts pounding again. Only you can see quite clearly that the punches did not land.

If Lesnar really did attack Orton while he was bleeding profusely from the head, he’d probably be in jail right now, and the WWE would certainly have done more than fine Lesnar a measly $500.

Still, on Tuesday reports emerged about a heated exchange between Lesnar and Chris Jericho after the fight. According to Dave Melzer of Wrestling Observer, even Jericho thought Lesnar had injured Orton:

According to multiple sources, Jericho came to the gorilla position just as the match ended, apparently to see if Orton was okay and to find out what exactly happened. He asked Michael Hayes what the finish was or if that was the finish. Hayes wouldn’t answer him at which point Jericho said, “That’s bullsh*t.”

Jericho said that just as Lesnar came back from the ring. Lesnar thought he was talking about his match, and called Jericho a pussy according to one version, or “shut up” according to another, and to mind his own business. The two got face-to-face and started exchanging words, with one version saying they were shouting at each other the whole time.

If Jericho really was upset—and that’s a big if—it’s only because he didn’t actually see the whole thing unfold and thus was worried about Orton. But chances are even this backstage fight was part of the plan all along. These days the WWE is coming up with Inception-like plots, with fake storyline inside fake storyline inside fake storyline, so that you never know what’s really real.

It’s actually pretty brilliant.

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