Cloud that Looks Like Patriots Logo Probably Not a Sign from Almighty (Pic)

patriots logo cloud

The New England Patriots logo is one of the most recognizable in sports, at least here in North America. Aesthetically it’s pretty solid. But how it makes you feel probably depends on where you live.

If you live in New England, for example, the Pats logo probably makes your crotch feel all tingly. However, if you don’t live in New England, it probably makes you want to punch a kitten.

Fortunately the image below was captured in New England and not, say, Buffalo, New York. God knows what Bills fans would have done if they had seen this cloud handing over their city:

That’s right, folks. It’s a cloud that’s shaped like the Patriots logo.

Is it real? The tiny size of the image makes me a bit skeptical. And the likeness is almost too uncanny.

patriots cloud looks like patriots logo superimposed

Is it a sign from God that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year? Probably not. After all, somebody spotted a Patriots cloud last year, too, and the Patriots lost to Peyton Manning, who’s shoulder was held together by duct tape and chewing gum.

It’s still pretty cool, though, if real.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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