RGIII Shows Some PDA with the New GF After Browns Practice

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We don’t have much to report on RGIII’s progress back in the starting gig for the Cleveland Browns (which is a little weird, because you’d think there’d be more chatter at this point), but we CAN tell you that he’s found love. Or lust. Or just some girl.

The pic below was taken the night before last and…well, it sorta speaks for itself. Here’s the tweet:

Oh, and here’s some more context, because we can’t get to know her THAT well from just one fan pic. It turns out that she’s a rebound girl following RG3’s recent divorce, which came about, REPORTEDLY, after he was found cheating on his wife just seven months after the birth of his child. His new girl’s a 23-year-old FSU student who’s on the track team as well.

Probably not surprising, but disappointing? Yeah. Really disappointing and bad.

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