Ryan Lochte Charged With False Report of Robbery By Rio Police


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Having already lost four endorsements (Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal, & Airweave Mattress), Ryan Lochte found out on Thursday that Rio Police were charging him with filing a false report of robbery and he has been summoned to testify in Rio de Janeiro.

“Ryan Lochte was charged with the crime of falsely reporting a crime,” police said in a statement, adding that the case had been referred to the courts.

“Once he is summoned, whether he turns up or not, the penalty is the same: one to six months’ prison,” Rio police official Clemente Braune was quoted as saying by news website G1.

Via TheScore:

“Under Brazilian law, the penalty for falsely filing a crime report carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison. Lochte could be tried in absentia if he didn’t return to face the charge.

The United States and Brazil have an extradition treaty dating back to the 1960s, but Brazil has a long history of not extraditing its own citizens to other nations and U.S. authorities could take the same stance if Lochte is found guilty.

That is currently the case of the head of Brazil’s football confederation, Marco Polo del Nero, who faces charges in the wide-ranging scandal entangling international soccer’s ruling body, FIFA. He has not travelled outside Brazil for more than a year to avoid being arrested by U.S. authorities somewhere else.”

The statement also stated the indictment will be sent to the International Olympic Committee’s ethics commission, which raises questions about Lochte’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which he has already committed to.

Lochte lost up to $5 million after all 4 of his endorsements dropped him on Monday.

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