Ryan Lochte Signs Up for Season 23 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in Attempt to Rehabilitate Public Image


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As you know, American swimmer Ryan Lochte was not a good boy in Rio. He peed on the side of a gas station, ripped a sign off a wall, got into an argument with security guards, and then lied about having a gun put to his head by armed robbers.

Now, as punishment for his crimes, the 32-year-old frat boy has been sentenced to six to 10 weeks on Season 23 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Obviously I’m only kidding about the punishment part. For someone like Michael Phelps having to appear on DWTS would feel like a punishment. For Ryan Lochte? Well, after acting like such a huge douche, he is probably thanking his lucky stars they want him. The show will give him an opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his key demographic. (Soccer moms?) Plus he’ll get to dance with a hot chick.

That said, you have to think Lochte is going to struggle at ballroom dancing. All that counting can get pretty confusing.

And God help us if they make him do the Samba.

We don’t have any information regarding the rest of the Season 23 cast. But according to Us Magazine it will likely include a few more Olympic athletes.

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