Sources Say John Wall Gets Upset & Jealous When Other Players Make More Money Than Him

emotional john wall post-game interview

Washington Wizards superstar guard John Wall is the face of the franchise and they will go as far as he can take them as long as he is happy.

According to  The Ringer’s Kevin O’ Connor, Wall recently mentioned how him and star guard Bradley Beal are not to fond of each other at times because, among other things, Wall doesn’t like other players making more money than him.

“John Wall recently said he and Bradley Beal “have a tendency to dislike each other,” which is a strange thing to publicly admit. The Wizards’ chemistry issues are apparent, and it’s not like Wall said they actually hate each other, but an inclination to get agitated is not out of his character. Wall is known to keep a close eye on what other players are making, and the paper tossed around this summer has reportedly irked him. One league source familiar with Wall’s state of mind simply put it this way: “Wall’s got jealousy issues. He’s always upset with someone who makes more money than him.” A lot of players will make more money than Wall this year. He signed a five-year, $84.8 million deal in 2013, which looks like chump change now.”

O’Conner went on to explain just how mad & jealous Wall gets when he finds out how much money another player is making not only on their NBA contract, but on side deals like shoe contracts and endorsement money.

“Wall has previously expressed displeasure over the fact that Reggie Jackson received a similar deal. Then, last August, James Harden signed an incentive-laden 13-year, $200 million shoe deal with Adidas, while the company offered Wall a deal worth only $7.5 million annually. According to The Vertical, Wall declined the offer because he wanted “Harden money.” A few months later, Wall fired his agent, Dan Fegan, and hired Rich Paul. Maybe Adidas is second-guessing their decision after seeing Harden’s shoe design, but in any case, that’s not the only time Wall has been irked by The Beard. A front-office executive tells The Ringer that Wall was “rankled” after Harden signed a four-year, $118 million extension with the Rockets.”

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