Tre Mason’s Mom Says He Has The ‘Mind Of A 10-Year-Old’ Due To Football Related Head Injuries

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This story is getting sadder and sadder with each additional report.

Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason hasn’t spoken with anybody in the organization since the end of 2015 and shows no signs of showing up to training camp or even playing in the NFL again.

TMZ obtained police footage from a July 27th incident when cops, who have been called to Mason’s house 5 times in the last 4 months, cited him for illegally riding his ATV around his neighborhood in Palm Beach, Florida. Instead of stopping, Mason took off full speed back to his home and quickly went inside.

Police clearly wanted to give him a break, but Mason was having none of it and his mother had to step in .  She had these shocking things to say about her son.

 “When they got to his home, cops told his family they were concerned Mason was too busy “f***ing around” and “should be playing football.”

That’s when Tre’s mother dropped some real talk on the cops.

“No, he actually shouldn’t,” she said …”because this is the [side of] football that nobody knows about.”

“He’s 22 in a 10-year-old’s mindset right now … Tre’s not himself at all.” “He gets knocked around and everything else. There’s CTE and this head-injury thing. You can say he should be playing football, but this is not what it is. After the off–season we could clearly see the change. Like, completely.”

“As much as he’s accomplished, as hard as he’s worked, as much as he’s built his character, in record-breaking time it’s going downhill because of what’s going on,” “He doesn’t even know. He’s not conscious enough.”

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