Jason Kipnis Squares Off With Rougned Odor…For a Joke (Video)

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The Rangers hit into a double play last night, but that didn’t stop Rougned Odor, who was forced out at 2nd, and the rest of the Rangers dugout from having a good laugh at what went down.

Immediately after tagging 2nd base, the Indians’ Jason Kipnis fell back into a defensive stance, preparing for the possibility that Odor would punch him in the face. You know, because Odor has a reputation for doing that sort of thing.

Here’s the clip, brining even the announcers to a sensible chuckle:

Just a couple of first-place teams having fun out there.

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It was the Rangers who won 9-0, but both teams are in first place, so why not enjoy the moment and laugh it up?

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