Browns Safety Jordan Poyer Finds Resting Spot on Rachel Bush’s Butt Cheeks (Pics)

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Normally, I wouldn’t suggest that anyone who plays for the Browns is a “lucky” person. I mean, it’s great that they’re playing in the NFL, but they’re in Cleveland, playing for a team that’s perpetually spinning its tires.

However, love seems to be in the air over by Lake Erie. Yesterday, we showed pics of RGIII laying out some PDAs, and now we’ve got Browns safety Jordan Poyer with a very nice pillow on which to rest his weary head:

Babe boyyyy

A photo posted by Rachel Bush (@rachelbush) on

The owner of that lovely set of butt cheeks?  That would be Instagram model Rachel Bush, who is apparently dating Poyer these days.

Want some more? Yeah, you want some more (via Rachel Bush’s Instagram):