Texas Rangers Pitcher Pees on Himself While Being Arrested For DWI


Friday morning, Texas Rangers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress proceeded to urintae on himself as Dallas police applied handcuffs to him after he completely bombed his field sobriety test.

TMZ has the details:

“Texas Rangers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress urinated on himself during his DWI arrest early Friday morning … this according to the Dallas PD.

According to the police report, obtained by Dallas News, Jeffress told the officer who pulled him over that he had “three or four cups of Hennessy cognac mixed with Coca-Cola” earlier in the evening.

Cops say Jeffress bombed the field sobriety test — couldn’t balance himself or stand on one leg.

A female passenger in the car told cops Jeffress had just left SISU nightclub before being pulled over.”

On the outside looking in, it’s seems hilarious that a professional athlete & a grown ass man pissed himself while being arrested, but he really put himself as well as others in harms way by driving under the influence to begin with.

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