Usain Bolt Takes 7 New Women Back to His London Hotel For Some ‘Fun’ (Vid)

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At some point, 9-time gold medalist Usain Bolt is going to stop partying after finishing off his last Olympics in Rio, but today is not that day.

Bolt has been in London for the past week after deciding to skip out on the Rio closing ceremonies to party with a bevy of different women.  And he certainly does not discriminate. Bolt, who is in a current relationship, has been photographed kissing, groping, and apparently sleeping with escorts during his retirement party craze.

On Friday, he brought seven new women back to his London hotel to have some in depth conversations with them, because it’s all about the mental, right? LOL, no.

“Usain Bolt’s epic post-Olympics party shows no sign of stopping after he was spotted in London yet again with a group of beautiful women.

The fastest man in the world was out in the capital until 5am this morning dancing the night away.

Usain, 30, and the girls then arrived back at his hotel, with some of the pretty women seen carrying roses as they made their way through the lobby and into a lift to his room. 

On his third night in a row on Wednesday the Jamaican, worth £50 million, was reported to have splashed out £12,000 in Oxford Street’s Libertine night club.

His guests were treated to drink including 12 bottles of champagne worth £9,000.

He again partied until 5am after taking five beauties to Japanese restaurant Nobu before heading to the club and then his hotel.

It was less than 24 hours after he ran up a £6,000 bar tab in another London nightclub, where he was spotted dancing sensually with a stunning British model.

The model, Erica Carvalho, 20, went back to his hotel along with seven other women and some of his male friends, who partied until the early hours of the morning.

He had left his hotel earlier with friend Tara Carroll, a restaurateur from Jamaica, and arrived at the Tape nightclub where he met his huge entourage on Tuesday

Onlookers said that earlier that night, Bolt couldn’t take his eyes off Miss Carvalho, despite numerous women vying for his attention.

The crowd pushed her towards him at the exclusive nightclub, where he racked up a £6,000 bar bill but drank just two Bailey’s liquors.

A source told The Sun: ‘At one point their dancing was that graphic it looked as though they were simulating sex.’ “

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