After Deciding To Join Kaepernick’s Protest, Eagles LB Myke Tavarres Changes His Mind

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After San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a stand by sitting during the National Anthem, he’s been met with harsh criticism from around the U.S. He’s well aware of the ramifications and is willing to take them head on as he stated to reporters.

For a few hours on Monday, Kaepernick had somebody in the NFL willing to join the fight with him and not stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Philadelphia Eagles undrafted linebacker Myke Tavarres told ESPN on Monday, he planned on joining the protest with Kaepernick during the Eagles’ final preseason game.

“Usually I’m front and center on the line with the rest of the guys, and that’s since pre-K all the way up. Saturday’s game, I stepped back, I was in the background, and it didn’t feel right to me at all,” Tavarres told ESPN. “And so I will be taking a stand — or sitting down — for the fourth game.”

It only took a few hours for him to be advised not to do that as it would be detrimental to his carer, which has barely even begun.

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In a statement, Eagles coach Doug Pederson said, “We respect the national anthem, its history and our many freedoms as Americans that it celebrates. We also respect an individual’s freedom of expression.”

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