Chargers Running Back Branden Oliver Tears Achilles in Horrendous Video


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The San Diego Chargers’ depth at running back took a big hit on Sunday. During a 23-10 preseason loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the first ever game at their brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, third-string Chargers running back Branden Oliver tore his achilles. Now, after spending most of the 2015 season on injured reserve, it looks like he’s going to miss all of 2016 as well.

Of course, the Chargers haven’t officially ruled Oliver out for the season just yet. He won’t have an MRI until later today. And that may lead you to wonder why everybody jumping the gun?

Well, as it turns out, we have a video of the injury. And in this video you can actually see the guy’s tendon exploding and sending shock waves up the back of his calf.

Take a look:

Nope. Don’t need an MRI to call that one. Definitely a popped achilles.

Unfortunately for the Chargers, Oliver isn’t just their third-string running back. He’s also number one kickoff returner. So now, a week after they lost a tight end and a guard, they have they have to come up with a plan to fill two more roster spots.

It’s not shaping up to be a great (possibly final) season in San Diego.

Hat Tip – [San Diego Union Tribune]

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