John Simon Makes Crazy INT in the Backfield, Then Runs It in for a TD (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.40.23 AM

We might only see most players running preseason plays at about a quarter-speed, but as we get into games 3 and 4, we slowly but surely see them trying just a little bit harder as they prep for their opening game. The Texans’ John Simon showed just how focused and athletic he was on Sunday, batting an Arizona pass into the air during a pass rush, catching it, then making a Tecmo Bowl-style run into the backfield.

Maybe you should just watch it:

Preseason or not, you’ve gotta be feeling pretty good about a play like that, right? RIGHT?

Too bad those guys who picked the Texans’ D in fantasy aren’t getting points yet. That’s a bummer.

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