Team USA Gymnast Ragan Smith Brought Out a Very Acrobatic First Pitch to a Rangers Game (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.26.37 AM

I’m not sure how the tradition behind first pitches started, but it’s a pretty terrible one. Basically, we see all different people from many walks of life attempt to be a baseball player for just one toss and fail miserably. Your only hope of creating a (good) memorable first pitch is to own it yourself and do something original.

Like Ragan Smith, a team USA gymnast from the D/FW area, did at yesterday’s Ranger game:

No one’s gonna criticize a rainbow of a pitch when you’ve preceded it with a few flips, right? RIGHT?

Of course not. They’ll remember the flips and forget that you threw the ball 28 MPH.

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