Usain Bolt Held a Mock Medal Ceremony For Women Who Flashed Their Breasts At Him

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Rumble, young Bolt, Rumble.

9-time gold medalist Usain Bolt has been on a non-stop partying crusade after killing it at the Rio Olympics and riding off into the sunset as he retires.

The latest from the non-stop party has Bolt holding a mock medal ceremony for any women who would flash their breasts at him. And of course they did.

“Usain Bolt may be the fastest man in the world, but continues to show impressive stamina to go with his speed with yet another night on the town.
The Jamaican sprint king rounded off his 7 days of partying in the capital with a night out at Drama nightclub.
It comes just a day after he held a mock medal ceremony for a group of women who had flashed their breasts to him.
It is the latest in a series of wild nights out for the Jamaican in a week that saw him celebrate his 30th birthday.
He reportedly racked up a huge £12,000 bar bill at the Libertine nightclub when he partying into the early hours last Wednesday after reportedly spending £6,000 the previous night at Tape.
News of his ‘medal ceremony’ emerged yesterday.
Such as was his dominance in Rio, his luggage did not contain any silver or bronze souvenirs when he took the golds out and laid them on a table, The Sun reported.
‘It’s all gold,’ he reportedly told the women after one asked who had won.”
Let’s meet the new batch of girls Bolt brought back to his hotel this time:
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