Peyton Manning Burns Tom Brady with Deflategate Joke at Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe Roast (Video)

peyton manning burns tom brady at rob lowe roast

Over the weekend Comedy Central held its annual roast. The “honoree” this year was Rob Lowe, a brilliant comedic actor and a fan of the Indianapolis Colts who in 2012 caused Twitter to explode with a tweet about how “his people” were telling him that Peyton Manning was going to retire.

Of course, as you probably know, Peyton Manning did not retire in 2012. Instead, he took his talents from Indy to Denver, where he set a bunch of single season records, reached two more Super Bowls, and won one more ring.

Naturally, Comedy Central invited the now-retired NFL legend to take part in their roast of Rob Lowe. Naturally Manning said yes. And naturally Manning mentioned Lowe’s premature retirement tweet in one of his jokes, because Manning never forgets.

Surprisingly, though, the joke that mentioned Rob Lowe’s retirement tweet wasn’t actually at Rob Lowe’s expense. It was at Tom Brady‘s.

That’s right, everybody. Peyton Manning made a deflategate joke! Take a look:


Peyton had just better hope Comedy Central never invites Tom Brady to one of their roasts. While Brady may have let the air out of some footballs, nobody’s ever accused him of taking HGH or, you know, putting his balls on someone’s face without an invitation.

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