Chris Mortensen Expected To Return To ESPN; Almost Cancer Free

Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins - September 11, 2006

In January of this year, ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen announced that he was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer, shocking everyone from his colleagues to the fans. He has since been on a leave of absence to focus on his health, treament, and recovery.

After 6 grueling months of cancer treatment, Mortensen dropped some good news on Wednesday that he’s expected to return to ESPN at some point this fall.

In a press release, Mortensen & ESPNMediaZone gave an update on his health conditions:

“I received very encouraging news last week from my oncologist team of doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center that now enables me to completely focus on recovery rather than treatment. The Stage IV throat (oropharyngel) cancer that was diagnosed in early January and treated with intensive chemotherapy and radiation has been virtually reduced to zero detection of the disease through the latest scans and exams.”

“I do have scheduled exams and scans during the next three months to monitor my status but my oncologists have directed me to recover and rehab from the treatments that have resulted in lengthy hospitalization, significant weight loss, strength, endurance and related health issues. I am following instructions to overcome these challenges.”

“My return-to-work status has variables with no definitive target date but I anticipate being able to participate in NFL coverage on a limited basis as the 2016 season gets underway.”

Awesome news for Mort. Keep fighting the good fight and f*ck cancer.

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