Professional Stuntwoman Jessie Graf Becomes First Woman to Complete Stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior Finals Course (Video)

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This week, professional stuntwoman Jessie Graf did something no other woman had ever done in eight seasons of American Ninja Warrior: she completed Stage 1 of the National Finals. In fact, Graf didn’t just complete Stage 1. She slayed it.

Particularly impressive was Graf’s performance on the “jumping spider” and “warped wall.” If you watch ANW regularly, then you probably know these are two obstacles that tend to give women the most trouble because they require not just strength but wingspan height. But Graf, a former college pole vaulter who now works as a professional Hollywood stuntwoman, made them look easy.

Check out her amazing run:

Absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, the odds are strongly against Jessie completing Stage 2 of the ANW Finals. In the previous six seasons, only 26 competitors have completed Stage 2. And even if she does, there’s practically no chance she’ll complete Stage 3. Only two competitors ever have done that.

There is some good news for Jessie Graf fans, though. She’s got a pretty amazing Instagram account full of pictures and videos of her working out and doing all sorts of crazy stunts. If you’re not already following her, you should.

A photo posted by jessie graff (@jessiegraffpwr) on

A photo posted by jessie graff (@jessiegraffpwr) on

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