Tim Tebow’s Pro Baseball Workout Was Not All That Impressive (Videos)

tim tebow pro baseball workout

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow took the first step toward his dream of becoming a major league baseball player on Tuesday by holding a workout in Los Angeles for 42 pro scouts from 27 different teams, including the Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Red Sox. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like many of those scouts were all that impressed.

In general the consensus seems to be that while he possess a lot of raw power at the plate, he is nevertheless an incomplete hitter with subpar defensive skills.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual skills, starting with speed. The good news here is that Tebow is pretty fast for a big man, running the 60 in 6.71, 6.72, and 6.75 seconds. Scouts consider that “plus speed.”

In the field, however, Tebow is definitely a minus. His footwork on throws from right field to third base is slow, and his actual throws don’t appear to be any more accurate than they were on the gridiron.

He was even worse on fly balls, struggling to read easy popups and taking indirect routes.

At the plate Tebow was much better. He showcased some pretty serious power during batting practice, cracking nine home runs, a few of which reportedly travelled over 400 feet.

Against live pitching Tebow went 3-for-11, which included a single, a double off the wall, and a home run. He also showed ability to adjust to the curveball, all of which is pretty damn good for a 29-year-old who hasn’t played organized baseball since high school.

Unfortunately, Tebow could not figure out the changeup:

Final thoughts?

“I thought he was OK. Better than I expected, to be honest,” one anonymous scout told USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale. “For not having played as long as he had, I thought he did OK.”

Others weren’t so gentle.

“He looked like an actor trying to portray a baseball player,” said another anonymous scout.

Of course, somebody will probably sign Tebow to a minor league deal just for publicity. And he’ll probably be a serviceable hitter against 19-year-old pitchers with bad off-speed stuff. But Tim Tebow is not going to make the big leagues.

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