These College Football Helmets with Rival Colors Just Feel So Wrong (Pics)

Everybody knows the biggest rivalries in sports are in college football.

Don’t get me wrong, other sports have fantastic rivalries. College basketball has Duke-North Carolina. MLB has Yankee-Red Sox. NFL has Cowboys-Redskins. NHL has, oh, I don’t know, Coyotes-Blue Jackets?

But college football has the rest beat. Every single game is important. The teams never move. And the tailgating reinforces traditions (and hatreds) on a weekly basis. It’s just the perfect mix.

Of course, it’s precisely because college football rivalries are so intense that these amazing college football helmets reimagined with rival colors feels so wrong. I mean, they’re incredible, but they if you’re a fan of one of the teams they might also make you want to vomit, or punch something cute.

The master genius behind these color-swapped helmets is some guy named Cameron Nolley who, judging by his reddit avatar, is a Texas A&M fan. He took a bunch of stock photos of college football helmets and changed the colors to those of each team’s rival.

It’s one hell of a way to celebrate the opening weekend of college football!

Obviously, we’ve picked out some of the more obvious ones below. If you want to see more, go check out the full gallery on imgur.

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