Miss Texas Channels Her Inner 50 Cent for Ceremonial First Pitch at Astros Game (Video)

miss texas terrible 50 cent first pitch astros game

Back in July, before she went to Rio and won four gold medals in gymnastics, Houston native Simone Biles throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to an Astros game. Naturally, she did an aerial off the mound and fired a strike right down the middle of the plate. Like a boss.

On Wednesday the Astros welcomed Miss Texas 2016 Daniella Rodriguez to Minute Maid Park to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. She did not do an aerial off the mound. And she definitely did not fire a strike right down the middle of the plate. Her first pitch was less Simone Biles and more 50 Cent, by which I mean it bounced 10 feet wide of the plate.

Of course, that’s not really fair. Fiddy’s pitch was actually worse. It bounced at least 20 feet wide. And he wasn’t wearing three-inch wedge heels.

Anyway, here is Miss Texas:

For comparison, and in case you forgot, here is 50 Cent:

Last but not least, and mostly just to make those two look even worse, here is Simone Biles:

Keep your chin up, Miss Texas. There’s always gonna be somebody worse than you.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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