Welcome to ‘Sh#t Pats Fans Say: 2016 Edition’

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No group of fans, except for maybe those of the St. Louis Cardinals, are more painfully vocal than Patriots fans. Which is fine. Someone’s gotta be the most vocal. But after they’ve won 14 consecutive Super Bowls and this whole Deflategate thing, we’re a little sick of talking about the Patriots.

You know who’s not sick of talking about Patriots fans? Patriots fans.

Here they are, bringing us into 2016, as only they can:

What’s so interesting about this is that many, many, MANY of us don’t really care about the Pats, but we’re intimately familiar with these issues because, well…Pats fans talk a lot of sh#t.

It’s going to be really hard for them when they go 1-3 in Brady’s absence. That’ll REALLY get them talking.

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