Tennis Player Tells Heckler ‘I’ll Put My Balls In Your Mouth’ (Video)

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On Wednesday during the U.S. Open, 23-year old Australian Tennis player Bernard Tomic, who’s ranked 19th in the world, had some choice words for a fan when he began to get heckled.

A microphone picked up Bernard Tomic telling a heckling fan, “I’ll put my balls in your mouth.” And it was glorious.

Sadly, Tomic had to appeal to the wussies and apologize for his slip of the tongue.

Via NYDailyNews:

An on-court microphone caught the Australian telling a spectator, “I’ll put my balls in your mouth,” during his match against Damir Dzumhur after the fan heckled him.

Tomic maintained that he was baited constantly during the match.

“I definitely apologized to what I said to him,” Tomic said. “He definitely baited me the whole set.”

Tomic added that it was a lone voice, and that he expected members of a tennis crowd to be more respectful of players, especially during big points.

“We’re not boxers or MMA fighters that we rip into each other’s throats before the fight,” he said. “It’s a very respected sport.”

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