Derrick Rose’s Text Messages on Night of Alleged Gang Rape Released (Photos)


This offseason saw Chicago’s own Derrick Rose make his exit from the Bulls, as he was traded away to the New York Knicks to try and revive his career following countless injuries.

What the Knicks received was a chance to get the old Rose back into MVP form.  And they also received an ongoing sexual assault case that just got more interesting after Derrick Rose’s text messages from the night of the alleged gang rape were revealed.

The unnamed woman is suing the former MVP for $21 million, but Rose and his lawyers claim this was a scheduled gangbang and she’s only upset because he didn’t repay her for sex toys that were used.

Derrick Rose’s lawyer had the following to say:

“This is not a rape case. It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who wants to hide behind the cloak of anonymity while seeking millions in damages from a celebrity with whom she was in a long-term nonexclusive consensual sexual relationship.”

D.Rose text messages:

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