Romo Texts Cliff Avril ‘See You In The Playoffs’ After Hit That Injured Him


Tony Romo is projected to be out for the next 6-10 weeks after Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril tackled him awkwardly from behind during the third week of preseason games, leaving him writhing in pain on the field.

Cowboys fans definitely held a grudge against Avril, as evident by their angry tweets towards Cliff Avril in the days that followed.

“It finally died down the last day or two but it was a good six straight days,” Avril said. “I got a couple of hundred mentions, people talking reckless. If they see me in the street they are going to fight me. A bunch of Twitter thugs. …

“It was a football play. I was trying to get the ball out. It was a freak accident. I didn’t think it was that crazy. It was an unfortunate situation. As pros we respect each other, we are not trying to hurt each other and put you out.”

Tony Romo isn’t holding any grudges against Avril.  The quarterback exchanged texts with Avril, stating he expects to see the Seahawks in the playoffs when he returns from his injury.

“I hit him up to see how he was doing and to let him know it wasn’t intentional,” Avril said Friday. “He hit me back saying it was football and it was a freak accident. He started joking and saying ‘You take care of the NFC West and we will see you in the playoffs.'”

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