Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane Sits During National Anthem in Show of Support for Colin Kaepernick (Pic)


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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continued his protest against racial injustice on Thursday. However, this time he was not alone.

In San Diego, Kaepernick was joined by teammate Eric Reid, who took a knee next to his quarterback during the national anthem prior to their preseason game against the Chargers. Meanwhile, in Oakland, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane took a seat during the national anthem prior to his preseason game against the Raiders.

“I just like what he’s doing, and I’m standing behind him,” Lane explained after the game. “It’s something I plan on keeping on doing, until I feel like justice is being served.”

When asked if he was prepared for the backlash against his actions, Lane said, “Yeah, I am prepared for it. And I don’t mean no disrespect to anybody, but I’m just standing behind what I believe in.”

Lane, 26, has spent the last four seasons with the Seahawks. However, he said he did not tell his coaches or teammates about his decision to sit.

Fellow cornerback Richard Sherman sat down next to Lane after the anthem and the two spoke briefly. After the game, Sherman shared his thoughts on the matter.

“Any time you stand up against the flag, it’s going to be perceived as something,” Sherman told reporters. “Obviously Jeremy doesn’t stand against those who sacrifice for this country or anything like that. He obviously understands the guys who have made the greatest sacrifice for our country and our freedom, but he also understands the oppression that our country has put African Americans and minorities through for years.

“So yeah, I think that is something that they are trying to get recognized and looking for people to make a change too. Even with all of this, you are getting African American veterans reaching out and saying that they have been discriminated against even in the service, so I think this discussion that Colin started is going to evolve into something deeper.”

Looks like this issue is not going away any time soon. Expect more players around the league to take a knee in the coming weeks.

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