After Changing Mind on Sitting During National Anthem, LB Myke Tavarres Cut by Eagles

Myke Tavarres

A few days ago, Philadelphia Eagles undrafted rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres told ESPN he planned on joining the protest with Kaepernick during the Eagles’ final preseason game. While Kaep has his millions and wouldn’t feel the repercussions as much if he was cut, Tavarres was taking a huge risk, being undrafted with absolutely no guarantees. 

Later that same day, he switched courses and was clearly informed to change his stance, which is exactly what he did.  But it was too late.


There’s no way of knowing if he got cut because of the anthem controversy or because he actually sucked on the field. One thing’s for sure: he’ll forever be tied to this and may find it hard to find work in the NFL if teams decide to stay away from the controversy.

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