Multiple GoFundMe Accounts Created To Help Buy Out Les Miles’ Contract With LSU

Texas A&M v LSU

Another year in Baton Rouge, and another LSU Tigers team that features the same coach and the same stale and rigid offense.  And LSU fans are fed up already.

Going into Saturday, the LSU Tigers were ranked 5th in the nation, taking on an un-ranked Wisconsin Badger team at Lambeau Field.  And they couldn’t even manage to score more than 14 points as they lost the game by a score of 16-14, assuring their fan base of a long, frustrating season.

A few LSU fans are not waiting around for this season to blow up once again as they took to Gofundme and created accounts asking for fans to help buy out head coach Les Miles’ contract with the team.

The 1st GoFundMe reads as:

“I am Andy denicola and i have suffered through underpreforming dissappointing season after dissappointing season under les miles. It’s time for a change.

Les Miles is a hard headed, stubborn, unimaginative,  dipshit. He has taken a remarkably talented team and been out coached, out schemed, under developed players and generally  lead the them to mediocrity over and over again.

Apparently our flagship university can’t afford to buy him out of his contract. So I figured if we raised the money then they wouldn’t have any excuse as to why we can’t fire him.

In the likely event that lsu will not accept the funds raised here, all monies will be donated to the Louisiana flood relief effort. Thank you for your support.”

The second cuts straight to the point:

“This is a go fund me to raise enough money to pay for the Buyout of Les Miles”

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