T-Wolves F Jordan Hill Wants Magic City Stripper To Pay Child Support If Child Belongs To Him


Minnesota Timberwolves forward Jordan Hill is trying his best to change the game in his favor. More power to him.

It wasn’t that long ago when Jordan Hill and a stripper named Cola were looking like they were newly in love, but somewhere between boning & her getting pregnant, things went sour fast.


According to BOSSIP, Hill wants a paternity test on the child to make sure it belongs to him, and if it does he wants Cola to pay child support.

“NBA star Jordan Hill has headed to court and slapped a Magic City stripper with a lawsuit over his alleged newborn child with her.
The Minnesota Timberwolves player wants the judge to order him as the legal father to the baby girl, and wants the woman to help pay for the costs of raising the kid.
Jordan is seeking to have a court order establishing his custody time – both temporary (while the case is pending) and permanent along with the judge to determine the child support amount to be paid. He does say both him and the baby mama should contribute to the kid’s upbringing expenses.”

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