A’s Ballboy Gives 110% Trying to Field this Foul Grounder, but Comes up Just a Little Short (Video)

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Man, this would have been pretty great if Scotty, the A’s ballboy, had managed to make the snag, but it wasn’t meant to be. It hopped just over his outstretched glove, careening off the back of the dugout and oh-so-gently clipping A’s pitcher Chris Smith in the head.

Here’s the play:

Chris Smith’s rage was just an act however, as he was playfullygiving the ballboy a hard time.

But the ballboy said he got props from the dugout after the play:

“They mostly just said it was a good effort. [Third-base coach] Ron Washington tried to give me a breakdown on how to dive better.”

Then he let the world know that he WOULD have made the play if it wasn’t for that damn Oakland sun, saying, “The sun is really bright at the Coliseum during that time of day, so the ball kind of blends in a little bit. It also took a bad hop. Nine times out of 10, I make that play. I’m still pretty upset I didn’t make the play.”

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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