World’s Dumbest Burglars Mistakenly Sent Voicemail to Federal Employee About Robbing Rob Ryan

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These were probably the two dumbest crooks in the history of crooks. Last year, while rapping up the 3rd preseason game with the New Orleans Saints, Rob Ryan found out he was the target of a robbery and also found out how he wasn’t big time, like rapper Lil Wayne.

Via TheAdvocate:

“Rob Ryan was wrapping up his third and final preseason with the New Orleans Saints last year when a federal worker received a strange tip on her voicemail about the team’s colorful defensive coordinator: Someone who apparently had dialed the wrong number let her know that Ryan seemed like an easy target for an ambush.

“He don’t got no security,” said a garbled voice, according to a court document obtained by The New Orleans Advocate. “He’s just a regular football coach. … He ain’t … big … like (rapper) Lil Wayne or nobody … that got bodyguards everywhere.”

“He ain’t like Lil Wayne,” the voice said, according to the document. “He just a … football coach. … Defensive coordinator of the Saints. He don’t have no bodyguards … in front his house.”

The federal worker turned the 2-minute, 16-second voicemail over to local authorities, and they temporarily stationed police outside Ryan’s Uptown home.

 The only public mention so far of an alleged conspiracy to rob the football coach at gunpoint came in a broader indictment last month accusing eight young men of conspiring to stage a string of high-profile robberies at Uptown bars and restaurants last year.

One count in the proposed indictment originally said two of the alleged conspirators — Jockquaren “Jock” Van Norman and Larry “Alz” Quinn — also had made plans to hold up Ryan. Authorities last month did not say what evidence they had to support that allegation, and a grand jury ultimately declined to indict the pair on that charge.

But the court document obtained by The Advocate suggests police had concrete reasons to believe that Ryan could have ended up another victim of a crime spree that grabbed national attention and unsettled residents of some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods.”

Both suspects were eventually arrested and booked on a variety of counts, including armed robbery, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, conspiracy to commit murder and serving as an accessory to murder.

Ryan has since moved to Buffalo where he coaches with his brother, Rex Ryan.

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