Jamaican Gymnast Toni-Ann Williams Attempts Cartwheel First Pitch, Fails Miserably (GIF)

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.12.53 AM

Jamaican gymnast Toni-Ann Williams may have been the first from her nation to compete in the Olympics in gymnastics, but as this video shows, that doesn’t really mean she’s qualified to throw out the first pitch at this Oakland A’s game.

I mean, she pulls off the cartwheel-flip-thing aspect of it really well, but the whole “pitch” part goes a little haywire. Not only is it WAY off target, but what’s the point of doing a cartwheel into a pitch if you’re just going to stop all your momentum and lob it in the air like a weirdo?

Here’s the play:

Harsh words from the MLB.

Congrats goes out to the catcher for making that heroic snag.

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