Joey Votto Gives Fan Foul Ball and High Five, Is Apparently a Changed Man (Video)

Joey Votto high fives fan

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All season long, Reds first baseman Joey Votto has been playfully trolling fans. He’s stomped on paper airplanes. He’s pretended he was going to toss a foul ball into the stands only to “change his mind” at the last minute. He’s told kids sitting in the front row that he’s not giving them souvenirs because they’re rich kids who can afford to buy souvenirs.

Not all of Votto’s interactions with fans have been lighthearted, though. Last month he lost his cool and yelled at a Reds fan for interfering with his attempt to catch a foul ball.

The good news is that the incident with the fan in Cincinnati seems to have marked a turning point. You see, after sitting in the dugout and thinking about what had just happened, Votto realized he was in the wrong. So he wrote an apology note on a baseball and personally delivered it to the fan two innings later.

Now it would seem Votto is going out of his way to be friendly with fans. Take a look at this interaction from the top of the first inning of Tuesday night’s game against the Mets and Great American Ballpark:

Personally I prefer grumpy Joey Votto who trolls fans. But I guess happy-go-lucky Joey Votto is pretty cool too.

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