Tiger Woods Showed Up at His Kids’ School for Career Day, Making Other Parents Feel Inferior, Probably (Tweet)

Tiger Woods Career Day

I didn’t know schools still did career day, but it’s gotta be a tough act for some parents. I mean, if you’re a claims adjuster, how do you go up there and tell kids what you do? Do you have to explain what insurance is?

Of all the times it pays to be Tiger Woods, I bet this is one of the best.

Recently, Tiger walked up to his kids’ school for their career day, went in the classroom, then explained calmly and simply that he’s one of the best golfers of all time. No hoops to jump through…nothin’. The guy that followed him, who probably was a systems admin at Kaiser Permanente or something, had to have been hating life.

Here’s a pic of Tiger making the rounds in the classroom:

I doubt any of the OTHER dads got their picture taken, then tweeted out to the world.

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