Cowboys Fan, Who Murdered a Man For Not Holding Door For a Woman, Escapes Police Custody (Video)


This might be the craziest story of 2016. You’ve been out in public before and more than likely have held a door open for a woman or women who were entering into the same building that you were, as you should. (You’re not obligated to, but it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.)

One guy didn’t do that and he did it around the wrong person at the wrong time because it cost him his life.

Via TMZ:

“This is insane footage of a murder suspect breaking his handcuffs and escaping a Las Vegas police station on Friday … while wearing an Ezekiel Elliott jersey.

The Cowboys fan is Alonso Perez — who was arrested for allegedly murdering a man who didn’t hold the door open for a woman at a McDonald’s.

Perez was handcuffed and left alone at the Detective Bureau — with no guard watching over him.

So, Perez used his body weight to twist the chain connecting the cuffs … and pushed so hard, it eventually snapped.

He then used his chair to climb into the rafters and escaped the building … then stole a truck that was left running nearby.

Fortunately, cops were able to locate Perez on Tuesday and he’s now back in police custody.

North Las Vegas Police Chief Alexander Perez spoke to the media about the situation … saying, “We’re not perfect. The police are simply not perfect. However, we will learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated and that’s the goal.””

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